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5 Template Modified

Written By Unknown on Thursday, October 25, 2012 | 2:29 PM

Belakangan I'm a bit busy with my work in the real world, so had little time for blogging, I apologize if many of the comments that go unanswered. In this post I will only share 5 template modified from my previous template, 2 from blogger friends, from AA Sholah and Panjz Online and 3 more from my sister. Because of some of the existing template I created kekurangcocokan may exist in terms of color or less features. Here are 5 template modified version of my previous template:

How Easy Templates

  1. How fitting the template widget is similar to the Black Beauty Templates , for more details please go to another article the jeepers 3 templates in the world
  2. To activate Reply to comment just change this ID ( 3,553,200,374,686,839,922 ) 
  3. To replace an existing Facebook FansPage under posts, just change this ID ( 175220759192447 ) with ID FansPage respectively. 
Photored Template

This template made ​​Panjz Online, for the installation of the template directly to the creator's blog here http://panjz-online.blogspot.com/

Johny Ganteng Store With Cart

From some of the comments coming in article 2 Templates Online Store chaotic , many mengingkan template Johny Ganteng Store using carts and slider carousel. This is my modification, but dont know what does not fit.

How to install the widget with templates Johny Ganteng Store , please open another article 2 Template Shop Online Without Cart . And to cartnya to modify my own life from Johnny Blackstore template .

Johny Kenthir Green

Installation of widget in this template with Johny Kenthir template, please open another article here Johny Kenthir, Template Crowded As Traditional Market .

Johny Crottmag

This template is the same precision with Johny jeepers Banget just different color, for installation silagkan seen here 2 Template Less Work .

So if any of my friends bloggers who want to share the work of their own templates or modify existing templates, please send it to my email here ncmajid@gmail.com. If the template that is free of bugs , and suitable for consumption, I will publish here. So was a brief article about 5 template modifications , for those interested please use. If there are less obvious can be directly asked by komenta box. May be useful .........

Anyway I want to ask for my friends know, I often come across this word  CMIIW  usually there at the end of the comment, it means what?

NB:  For mas Sholah and Panjz Online is expected to answer questions about the template that you created ya.
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