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The Yaeba Smile

Written By Unknown on Monday, October 22, 2012 | 1:10 PM

If you are confused by the word itself, let me tell you we are the sailors in the same boat. I was equally confused, as I had my quick breakfast a few days back over the morning newspaper, which screamed - Perfect your toothy smile with 'Yaeba'. 

Actually it was the smile below which caught my attention.

Amazing Yaeba Smile
Amazing Yaeba Smile
"Yaeba". Now what's that? The origin was confusing. The tone of the word made it clear - it was either of Japanese or Chinese origin. And as I gulped my hot cup of tea, I made a quick mental note to write a blog on Yaeba (Japanese 八重歯)(a.k.a. Snaggleteeth).

So what exactly is Yaeba? This website gives a particularly straight definition of The Yaeba and I quote it here :- "Yaeba - This Japanese term describes women with slightly asymmetrical teeth, particularly protruding canines. This is widely considered attractive in Japan, starkly contrasting with Western ideals of straight dentition."

Japanese Yaeba Smile
Japanese Yaeba Smile
Doesn't this sound interesting? For long, not only in Western culture, but even in our Indian culture, healthy straight teeth were promoted as ideals. Parents insisted that their children take care of their teeth in their formative years itself. 

And we ourselves believed that a these straight teeth would give us that beautiful smile. Haven't we heard about actresses going lengths to get themselves a perfect set of teeth, only to add onto their already mystical aura.

However, Yaeba is all set to change this fascination for straight, absolutely perfect teeth. Who is perfect? No One? So why should our teeth be absolutely perfect?

How does the Yaeba add to your allure? Well, it simply gives you a child like, slightly younger look. It is a less than perfect, but natural look.

The Yaeba Smile
The Yaeba Smile
A tinge of kiddishness adds to the attraction.

Now that we have a word for this style, don't you remember few of your friends who have this attractive smile. And now you know the reason behind that refreshing look.

You may have a natural Yaeba smile. It would be a shining gem in your tiara. And if you don't have one, some dentists can give you that Yaeba look. Such dental saloons have become quite popular in Japan.

And there are quite a few proponents of the Yaeba looks. Vincent Devaud, a ceramist from Pasadena in California, says : "What makes a person desirable and attractive? It's not the symmetry; it's perfect imperfections."

Kirsten Dunst a.k.a. Spider-Man's Jane says, "I love my snaggle fangs, They give me character and character is sexy."

Kirsten Dunst Yaeba Smile
Kirsten Dunst Yaeba Smile

Next time you see someone with a broad smile, check if the Yaeba is at work. And if you have a natural Yaeba look, feel proud that you are the owner of one of the most desirable looks in recent times.
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