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Alertpay in Pakistan - How Alertpay works?

Written By Unknown on Saturday, February 6, 2010 | 4:59 AM

This article will tell you how do alertpay works in Pakistan and how do we get paid from alertpay. Alertpay is a payment processor same as Paypal and luckily it includes our country too in their list. Its not the best option for processing payments in Pakistan but most of the PTC sites support this payment processor.
First of all you would have to register an account with alertpay and its very easy and free. You can visit their website for registering.
> Alertpay
After free registration they will ask you to verify your account for this purpose you need following things to upload in verify tab which you can find in alertpay website user account tab.
> You will uplaod a scanned copy from back side of you NIC card.
> You have to uplaod a proof of your address for this i had uploaded a scanned copy of my electricity utility bill.
In some days they will verify your account. Then you can use this account for PTC sites as well as for transffering money too.
How they transfer money?
They have only one option for Pakistani free users to transfer money which is via check. It takes 1 week to receive check from them at your doors step for any bank. To cash that check you have to go to the mentioned bank on check and they will resend that check back to the alertpays bank for verification and clearance. This whole process can take 15 - 35 days and then they will pay you money oce your check is cleared.
That is why i don’t like alertpay but we have to use it :). Personally i like moneybookers because they have wire transfer option thru which we can recieve money in bank account within 4 - 5 days. If you still have any confusion than kindly contact me or comment here. Thanks
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